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Hotels with style and character

truuee. hotels & places tell individual stories and evoke emotions. In the Alps, near the lakes in Germany and Northern Italy.

Establishments with strong characters, with striking profiles, with minds of their own. truuee. creates meeting spaces at places in the best of locations, which give people new perspectives about themselves and the world. Whether it’s one of our new landmarks such as L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda in Salò on Lake Garda or legendary hotels such as the Bachmair on Lake Tegernsee and the Straubinger and Badeschloss Hotels in Bad Gastein: each hotel has its own personality, tells its own story, allows you to discover regional characteristics and surprises you with quirky details.
truuee. hotels & places give guests the opportunity to take new ideas with them and to discover new things beyond their own horizon.

truuee. is inspiring, surprising, opens up spaces for reflection.

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Sophisticated. Valuable.

Five key values form the character of truuee. hotels & places.


Every truuee. hotel fits in appreciatively into its cultural environment. Regional characteristics are reflected in the furnishings and services on offer.


In a pleasing way, truuee. is different, surprising. The hotels are inspiring meeting places that give people new ways of looking at themselves and the world.


truuee. is cosmopolitan and characterised by its hosting and service qualities. Everyone experiences the same appreciation in each of the hotels. Everyone can be who they are.


truuee. is in love with nature, acts in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner, incorporating typical regional nature into the experience.


truuee. hotels & places are places of freedom. They create the basis not only to be free, but also to become free.

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truuee. hotels & places

Hotel personalities at premium locations in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Grandezza and Italian dolce vita, old Bavarian sociability with a twinkle in the eye, Austrian charm in a once sophisticated spa hotel: Truuee. hotels & places draw their uniqueness and identity from regional peculiarities, allow history and stories to flourish and encourage people to immerse themselves in new worlds. L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda.

L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda

L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda

Greeted by the sea, kissed by life.

The newly built hotel with 99 rooms and suites, located in the middle of a large garden in Salò on Lake Garda, sees itself as a place that connects people and their fascination for the typical Italian way of life, which creates affection in its warmest form.

Straubinger Square Ensemble Bad Gastein
More to come...

Bad Gastein

In search of anecdotes and zeitgeist.

truuee. breathes fresh life into historic houses in the middle of Bad Gastein. The former Hotel Straubinger and the Badeschloss have 151 rooms. In the near future, there’ll be a large pool, filled with ideas, inspirations and creativity. For a bubbly attitude to life.

Bachmair am See
More to come...

Bachmair am See

Deep roots and new shoots.

The Bachmair on Tegernsee has been deeply rooted in the town as an institution since 1826. After a substantial renovation, the hotel with 163 rooms is developing new shoots. For people who want to explore their own roots and want to discover new impulses for personal growth.

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New living spaces,
new stories.
People are always reinventing themselves, changing their lifestyle. truuee. hotels & places also continues to develop, discover extraordinary places, pick up exciting stories and create inspiring living spaces. You want to be part of the truuee. community? Become truuee.